Recording Studios Birmingham

Drum recording studio

Our Birmingham recording studios sound like no others in the region. Whether you want to record amazing sounding rock drums, sparkling acoustic guitars or a string quartet there are few studios in England which sound better.  DBM's recording studios, the smallest of which is 25 square metres with 12 feet high ceilings, benefit from being part of a high end recording complex rather than being an afterthought in a rehearsal studio.


Dry hire/DIY £25ph (see here:

16 channel recording interface available

Neve 2 channel preamp upgrade available

Neumann U87 & other equipment available on request

Whether you are on a tight budget or you want to work in one of the best recording studios in the UK, take your music to the next level at DBM Recording Studios in Birmingham. Choose from our roster of engineers or bring your laptop, borrow our gear and DIY.